The Best Platform To Set Up Shop: Shopify Or WordPress?


Setting up an online platform is as easy as online shopping. It goes needless to say that multiple eCommerce platforms stimulate the power of your online platform and transform it into a one-stop solution for tech-dependent people. Thanks to the myriad options of eCommerce platforms in today’s world, it might be difficult for you to choose from amongst them.

Hence, here are the two major players in the world of eCommerce: Shopify and WordPress. But before you choose which platform to choose, here are some of the important things that you must take into account.

Shopify vs WordPress: Learn the Difference

Shopify takes pride in being eCommerce’s one-stop website builder, and with it, you can build an online store, shipping methods, and payment process, while managing your inventory in one tool.

WordPress on the other hand is CMS or a content management system that enables its users to build all types of websites. It must be remembered, that WordPress isn’t pre-built for eCommerce. If you choose WordPress for your online store, then you would be needing regular maintenance and additional plugins.

Pricing of Shopify and WordPress

Price of Shopify

Shopify adheres to the ‘software as a service’ payment model. The Shopify users dole out a monthly charge for their respective accounts on Shopify to obtain access to the platform through the internet. Shopify comprises three monthly packages all of which include access to important eCommerce tools, round-the-clock support, and a free of cost SSL certificate.

WordPress Pricing

WordPress is free, however, operating an e-commerce site along with the same comes at a cost. The price of a WordPress e-commerce site varies and it is all determined by what you are ready to dole out for every piece of your technology stack which runs inclusive of:

  • WordPress Hosting
  • A Name For Domain
  • An SSL Certificate ( Recommended But Not Needed)
  • Paid Plugins (Recommended But Not Needed)
  • A Premium Theme (Not Needed)

To understand which of the two platforms is budget-friendly, it is wise to list down your website must-haves and then get the pricing of your WordPress and Shopify compared.

Setup for Shopify

Shopify’s major point for selling is the simplicity on which it is built. Shopify, being a website builder strives to provide you a customer-friendly eCommerce site quickly, all managed under one roof, with lesser steps to launch, and no knowledge on coding is required.

Setup for WordPress

Setting up an online store on WordPress and maintaining it is more elaborate, owing to how WordPress isn’t a website builder. It is just a software which manages your pages followed by your content. You have to take care of everything else.

If you desire something simply, then Shopify is your ideal solution. However, if you desire something more flexible than WordPress is the best. Rest, hopefully, you enjoyed reading everything about Shopify vs WordPress. Now it’s up to you to decide what you want, and the two platforms shall it for you.

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