3 Useful Methods to Host a Website without Paying Anything 

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Since the beginning of the internet, there have always been different approaches to publish your content for the majority without paying anything. Nowadays you can also publish your content and even host your websites without investing any money. There are many open blogging platforms, such as Tumblr, WordPress, or Google’s Blogger. Similarly, website building tools such as Wix, or Weebly. Moreover, there are many companies that offer free web hosting.

You can pick any of those options to build and manage your site without paying anything. However, all the freely available tools including Wix or Weebly offer a crucial service. Consequently, they ask you to pay for anything you may need in addition. For example, a domain name. A few free online tools simply do not permit you to utilize a high-level domain name of your choice. They ask you to choose an available domain and utilize theirs; except if you pay.

SSL certificate is another element you may have to skip in case you would prefer not to pay. This could be troublesome since search engines prefer sites having secure connections. If you do not have an SSL certificate, your webpage would not be ranked well on these search engines. In any case, the best part is that you can begin for nothing and if things work out positively, you can purchase extra features. For example, an SSL certificate, domain name of your choice, and so on.

Now let’s have a look at different web hosting sites through which you can host a website without paying.

000Webhost – Offers Many Affordable Monthly Plans

To host a website without paying anything, you can consider using 000Webhost. It is owned and managed by Hostinger which is a highly affordable web hosting provider. Their monthly charges are usually less than one dollar. They provide one domain hosting with storage of 300MB’s, one FTP account, one MySQL database, up to 3 GB’s monthly traffic, and no advertisements. These services are totally free of cost.

However, the free services do not include an SSL certificate. Since 000Webhost is supported by Hostinger, so you can trust their 99% uptime guarantee. Moreover, they have been offering their services of free web hosting for over a decade.

Infinity Free – Free of any Restrictions 

Infinity Free is a freely available web hosting with nearly zero limitations. It allows you to sign up easily and make your account to get started. Then you can immediately enjoy the advantages of endless disk space and bandwidth, free SSL, up to 400 MySQL databases, and free DNS. However, it does not offer services for domain registration. Yet in case you register a domain name somewhere else, you can host it easily with them without paying anything.

As indicated by independent testings, Infinity Free is reported to be the quickest free web hosting throughout the world. Moreover, one of the best features of Infinity Free is that it provides 99.9% uptime. Thus, it’s a great option for hosting your website without paying anything.

Awardspace – Offers Plenty of Free Features

Once you sign up at AwardSpace and create your account, you will get a server with approximately 1GB of SSD storage within minutes. You will also get a website on it, made with your preferred website builder i.e. Joomla, WordPress, or Zacky Website Builder. Moreover, you will get a MySQL database, 99.9% uptime, domain name, and a monthly bandwidth of 5GB without paying anything. So, it’s an excellent choice for hosting your website free of cost.

SSL is not free; however, you will have a standard cPanel front end for managing everything. You can also purchase additional services from SSL certificates to virtual private servers (VPS) as per your requirements.

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