Handling a DUI Charge


You did well by pulling over when you saw the red and blue lights flashing in your rearview mirror. You complied by handing over your ID and registration to the officer. Shortly afterward, you were arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence.

Creating a DUI Defense

The officer determined there was a reason to pull you over. Some causes can legitimately explain why the officer suspected that you were under the influence.


  • Diabetes, and other conditions, can cause the breath to smell like alcohol.
  • Having an open containerin the vehicle doesn’t mean you consumed the contents.
  • Neurological conditions can cause slurred speech or balance issues.

If you were previously consuming alcohol, your blood alcohol level comes into question. Did the level meet or exceed the legal limit?

Penalties if Convicted

Penalties for this crime can be severe. If convicted, you can face jail time, vehicle monitoring devices, a loss of driving privileges, and more. A qualified Orlando DUI attorney can help you navigate the process and ensure your rights are protected, even during a first-time offense.

Contact a DUI Attorney Orlando

If you’ve been accused of driving while under the influence, contact your trusted DUI attorney Orlando today. The firm at Orlando Defense, stands ready to help you.

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