I Got Injured At Work – Why Should I Look For a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer?


A workplace injury is usually more severe than it seems. Sometimes a severe injury can lead to various consequences such as loss of wages, time, physical and mental health issues. When facing injury at work, you can file for a workers’ compensation claim to get compensation for all the losses you go through. 

However, employees or insurance companies may try to reduce your claim. A Virginia Workers’ Compensation Lawyer helps fight for such cases to ensure fair treatment in such circumstances. Here is how a workplace injury attorney can help out:

Legal experts opinion: 

An attorney who is well-versed in such laws can be used in circumstances that include a non-subscriber employer. Non-subscriber employers are the ones who do not opt for protection policies for their employees to prevent any accidents in the workplace. This helps open room for a better settlement claim that an attorney can fight for on behalf of the aggrieved.

Experience in settlement: 

The attorney, through their experience, can help ascertain how much the settlement claim can amount to. If the case is self-represented, the chances of getting the same settlement as that with the help of an attorney are slim to nil. Attorneys can ensure a maximum settlement for your injuries. 

In case of severe injury and disability: 

The workplace accident can leave the victim to suffer a long-lasting injury or trauma or even any severe disability. This can lead to costly medical bills and recovery costs with little to no income to pay for such expenses. In this case, the employer and insurance companies will fight tooth and nail to discharge their liability. An attorney can ensure the employer or the insurance company does not exploit your claim, and you get the highest compensation.

Already existing medical condition: 

If the injury occurs on an already injured area on the body or adds to the victims’ illness, employers would argue that it is not their place to reimburse. The victim is still entitled to such reimbursement as the injury worsens the pre-existing condition. The attorney can help prove this in court and help towards getting a better settlement.

Involvement of Any Third Parties: 

When an injury happens while at work but by a third or outside party, it becomes difficult to determine who should cover and pay for the damages, an experienced workplace injury attorney can help sort this sticky situation. 

Every case differs from one to another. Therefore, depending on your case, the attorney can scrutinize the situation and guide you on various details of the case, including whether you have a personal injury case, expected compensation, and more. 

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