When You Would Use a Fluidizing Blender


Fluidizing blenders have become famous for a wide variety of industrial applications. These machines have many small blades that turn quickly to provide for an even mix of virtually any ingredients. Here are some applications that can be more useful than your traditional paddle and ribbon options. 

When Mixing Fluids and Solids

fluidizer is an excellent option if you mix fluids and solids. The multiple paddles provide extra contact points, so you don’t need to worry about incomplete mixes and other complications. That means you can get the finished product without worrying about wasted ingredients or strenuous cleaning. 

When You Need To Operate at High Velocities

While you may not be looking at the same speeds required to create a fluidized bed gasifier, sometimes, you’ll need your blender to operate at a very high velocity. When this is the case, a fluidizing blender can provide you with a better mixture and use less power to hit those high speeds. 

When You Are Mixing Powders

Mixing powders is a tricky business, traditionally handled by a ribbon blender, and it often needs to be perfect. Fortunately, the extra blades offered in a fluidizing blender can help you achieve ideal mixtures even when working with powders. 

When You Want Gentle Mixing Power

Some substances require gentle mixing that paddle blenders can’t achieve, but they don’t necessarily get the best blend in a ribbon blender. In these situations, a fluidizing blender can offer a good mix and still be gentle enough not to damage the ingredients. 

There are plenty of uses for fluidizing blenders in the industrial world. Because of these various applications, many companies are embracing this technology. So if you find yourself in need of a blender that can tackle any of the situations mentioned above, you’ll want to look into a fluidizing blender. 

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