The benefits of learning how to work Remotely Before and After the Crisis


In this age of advanced technology, it is important to learn how to work remotely.  Working remotely also offers many advantages for both employees and employers. One of the most obvious reasons is that employees can save a valuable amount of time in commuting, save a lot of money, reduce stress from traffic congestion, promote a healthy work-life balance, and have more time for themselves. Hence, it encourages employee well-being leading to better performance. has recently been publishing content on this topic, and we recommend you visit their site to learn more.

Giving the employees the flexibility to work from home allows them to have greater control over when and where they work. This sense of autonomy and flexibility gives them a sense of satisfaction. In effect, they tend to be more productive and loyal to the company.

Some companies are already working entirely remotely. Employers can save on operational expenses and real estate costs—remote working in general. Working remotely also can positively affect the attitude of employees, and they tend to exceed expectations when it comes to deliverables. Furthermore, happy employees tend to stay longer. With higher retention, employers have higher savings from outsourcing and training new talents.

Given these benefits, we need to take extra caution when working remotely. Technology has given us the power to shape a new environment of working. However, it has equally given the possibility of a compromised business. Perpetrators are also advanced, and fraud is very rampant. With this, we have listed tips to overcome and be smart when working remotely. Employers must establish a security policy that employers can adhere to and understand.

Password hygiene isn’t limited to an office environment. Employees can still go to a cafe or travel while working and having a password is a security feature to protect the company’s data in case an employee’s laptop gets lost. Encryption is also an excellent way to protect information on devices. If possible, separate personal and company gadgets. Note that Cloud computing is a powerful tool, but employers need to ensure that passwords for these are secure and updated regularly.

Employees can also use a privacy filter to protect data on a screen when out and about, to prevent people from seeing confidential information when working in a public place.

Public wifi systems can be an excellent way to connect. However, we need to be cautious about this available network. Scammers can mimic a wifi name, and they use it to steal information. With that, invest in data security. A virtual private network is an excellent way to secure a network. It is the most reliable way of transferring data from one system to another.

The very core of security is to protect the company’s data and information from your valued customers. The growth and success of working remotely further are dependent on how one can deal with the challenges of a security breach.

On this note, we can also cover ways to stay on top of security for businesses that are using a digital medium to reach out to their customers. Note that there are customers who still fall for phishing and scams, and you need to look out for them to protect your brand and reputation.

Keep your company website updated and provide an informative page on how to deal with your company without falling for the hands of scammers pretending to be you. Besides, utilize two-factor authentication as it gives peace of mind to customers and businesses to ensure transactions are running smoothly.

If your company is using Google ads: enable two-step verification, review who has access to your account, and remove those who are inactive already. Check for unauthorized changes and make sure that you regularly update your account. According to Spark Factory, “We believe there will be a gold rush on google ads once the economy starts to return to normal. However, Google uses data from the previous two weeks when evaluating your ads, so pulling out of the market/not starting now will have far worse consequences than staying in the market and making a lower return.”

We live in an age of technology. It is an ever-changing environment, and we need to adapt to changes. Companies need to continually improve and update their method of businesses to stay on track.

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