What Makes a Great Tax Advisor?

tax advisor

There are many good tax advisors, but when you find a truly great tax advisor, you’ve struck gold. A great tax advisor can be such a boost to your business, saving you time, saving you money, and making suggestions for your business and finances that could truly move you to the next level. How do you know you’ve found one of these rare gems, a really great tax advisor? Here are the signs to look for that signify a great tax advisor that stands out from the crowd…

They’re always available and return your calls promptly

A great tax advisor will always take the time to speak to you, and to answer your questions. If you leave a message, they’ll get back to you quickly, and you’ll feel as if they’ve taken the time to fully consider your questions or query. You’ll receive a personal response rather than a quickly copied and pasted stock answer and while in reality, you know your tax advisor has many other clients, they will make you feel as if you and your business are their priority.

You have a rapport with them

A great tax advisor will make you feel at ease. There will be no trepidation in making calls to them, and you’ll even enjoy conversing with them. They’ll explain things in terms that you understand, and they’ll take care to aim the level of information and detail they give you, to suit your needs. If you like to know all the ins and outs, they’ll be happy to talk you through it. If you’re busy and prefer to have them get on with their job and keep communication to a minimum then they’ll respect this too.

They’ll come up with ideas

Of course any good tax advisor will do everything you want and do it well, but a great tax advisor will go a step further and will be constantly on the look out for news ways for you to enhance your business and keep your tax liabilities to a minimum.  They will come to you with new ideas and suggestions, and be eager to help you get new plans underway.

They’re always in the know

 A great tax advisor will love to keep up to date with all aspects of their work. They’ll be the first to know about any changes to tax systems and will have an advanced knowledge of tax worldwide. Call them to discuss something, and they’ll have the knowledge readily available, they won’t disappear off to learn about it then report back, they’ll already know. With this far reaching expertise, you have the peace of mind that if your tax advisor can save you money, then they will save you money. You’re not missing out on any incentives or benefits simply due to being unaware of their existence.

Speak to our great tax advisors

Here at Global Serve we have a large team of highly qualified and experienced specialist advisors. We believe that every member of our team qualifies as a great tax advisor. If you’d like to know more, then please visit our website today.

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