Prior to Marketing an E-commerce Website, A Full Digital Project Must Be Professionally Managed


A digital project role in a Hong Kong based corporate may have to involve in technical projects that are to be developed by an in-house technology development team or an outsourced IT development agency. The context to be involved may include web-based applications, mobile applications, ERP systems, CRM integration, HRM, chatbot development/integration, or any other technologies that are trending for online marketing. Also, get more IG video views.

The project role has to ensure the requirements and desired features are aligned, achievable and delivered on time for the specific internal company stakeholders. During the development or the preparation of the requirements, the HK based digital project person (or manager) has to work closely with users, design team, development team, digital consultants to ensure business requirements are developed correctly and meet the acceptance criteria as they were outlined in the first place. Click here for more information.

When it comes to the development of an E-commerce platform, most Hong Kong companies won’t necessarily be able to prepare ahead in terms of web traffic acquisition. One important channel in online traffic is through search engine optimization (SEO). An experienced SEO company should get involved in the very early stages and should work closely with the digital project manager and build links for websites and use obl Seo technique. SEO appears in two major sections. One is the frontend of the e-commerce platform i.e. The website or web pages that are supposed to be indexed and ranked by the search engines (i.e. Google/Yahoo, etc). The second section has something to do with the e-commerce website’s CMS (i.e. content management system). For example, the page title, meta tags, etc of each web page may have to be editable through the CMS by internal users. Apply for your pmp certification in bangalore now to know more.

After all, the main role (i.e. the digital project manager) must understand the entire project management process, digital system flow, architecture of the system, website with e-commerce enabled, payment process/gateways, and more. After the official full launch of the e-commerce platform, other team members of other roles must fulfill other responsibilities. This includes:

  • Set up the overall digital business strategy to achieve annual business goals through the Hong Kong company’s e-commerce platform.
  • The marketing experience that involves the entire buying cycle across multiple channels and devices must be developed.
  • The web data, sales data, etc of each digital channels must be fully analyzed whether it is high level or detailed level. This is the data for the company to understand the behavior of the users (or potential buyers). This involves putting up meaningful reports across all the relevant digital channels to provide insights for future actions and growing sales.
  • Should there be any plans for regional or local marketing, someone has to ensure the consistent brand identity is being broadcast across.
  • When it is possible, monitor competitors’ activities, marketing campaigns, and trends. The company may be able to learn from competitive and improve the company’s digital marketing strategy. Click on

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