Yes, You Can Get Your Business Off the Ground During the COVID Era


While the world has temporarily halted for a bit, that doesn’t mean your entrepreneurial goals have to do the same. The economy is going to come back, and, when it does, people will be busting at the seams to support businesses, new and old. Now is a time to begin planning, keeping in mind financial obligations, audience focus and flexibility.

Start Connecting

Many people are still working, including banks and financial planners. Begin having virtual meetings with some of them, asking about timing and the ability to get the ball rolling. What do they see as a good timeline for opening something up? After all, it takes months to organize, build and hire. If you shoot for a fall deadline, you may just make the turnaround. In addition, see about financing. Banks are offering low rates right now. If you struggle to obtain credit, seek the assistance of an ida attorney long island. These experts can stick by your side throughout loans and contract issues, giving you support and peace of mind.

Get a Focus

Develop a business plan that has evidence to reflect your dream is lucrative. What do you want to offer the community that they don’t already have? Start looking at demographics and current competition. Use some of this at-home time to research.


You don’t need to wait to test the market. Let’s say you want to provide a food service. That is a bit tricky at the moment; however, places are getting creative. You could do some demonstrations in small neighborhoods, selling from a truck or creating heat-at-home meals. These little bits get the word out that you’re present and going strong; plus, it establishes a clientele for when your full-service location is available. Also, now is the moment to get a website up and running. Hop online, and begin posting videos and writing SEO articles. Give people tips. Teach them something. Build rapport.

Social isolation doesn’t demolish dreams. It’s the opportunity to reach for them.


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