The Work Of An Accountant


An accountant plays a vital role in a business. Their work helps a business to thrive. Without proper accounting, a business will fail. Every single cent needs to be properly accounted for. Financial resources must not be wasted. Most businesses fail because of a lack of proper accounting.

A business should hire the best accountant north london. Such an accountant will be a worthy investment. The amount of money that is spent on paying them will translate into long-term gains. The qualifications of a financial professional should be checked before they are hired.

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Preparing Financial Statements

At the end of the financial year, an accountant will prepare end of year financial statements. These will reflect the health of the organization. These statements need to be prepared with a high level of attention to detail. For the case of a public limited company, they will be presented to the shareholders. They also have to be published in a newspaper for the general public to see.

The balance sheet is an important statement. It shows the balance of assets and liabilities. It also lists the capital of the organization. The Profit and Loss statement will show whether a business has made a profit or a loss. If there is profit, management can decide to distribute it to shareholders.


An accountant has to audit books of accounts. The purpose of auditing is to identify frauds and errors. Internal auditing will involve the accountants of a business. A third party will do external auditing. For a company’s case, there is the need for independent auditing at the end of the financial year. That is a legal requirement in the United Kingdom.


Accountants usually file taxes. Every business in the U.K. has to pay tax annually. Capital gains tax is paid on assets that have appreciated in value. Corporate tax is paid on the profit. A business that has made a loss will not pay taxation.

A financial accountant will deal with everything related to taxation. They will do so will observing the law. After taxes have been filed, the company should take the step of submitting the indicated amount to the taxation authorities.


Financial advice is important. An accountant will provide it. They will advise management on financial issues. Before a company is listed on the stock exchange, a team of accountants must be consulted. Financial professionals usually advise on the best way to raise capital. The advice of a professional should be taken seriously.

The Bottom-Line

The ultimate choice should be an experienced accountant North London. Such a professional will offer value for money. Most accountants normally charge by the hour.

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