A Breakdown on Investment-based Immigration


The United States has one of the world’s leading economies, making it attractive to foreign investments. Because wealthy people can find new opportunities to expand their riches in the U.S., many seek permanent residence within the country. Rather than passing through traditional immigrant processes, hopeful entrants can work with an EB5 investor visa Houston TX attorney to help secure an investor visa that grants permanent residence once their feet pass onto U.S. soil.

Business Investment Requirements

The U.S. government has very specific requirements for those looking to gain residence through an investment visa. Not only does the individual have to have a significant role in operating the business, but there also needs to be a significant amount of money invested. The past amount of investment was between $500,000 and $1 million, with the least amount allowed if the investment was made to a high-unemployment or rural area. Now, thanks to a change passed in November 2019, the minimum funds required for investment have been raised to $900,000 and $1.8 million. With the financial restructuring came another significant change. The state governments are no longer allowed to define what a “targeted economic area” would be. This decision is now left up to the Department of Homeland Security.

Application Requirements

There are many who jump at the chance to invest in the U.S. and find a new home, but the government has capped green cards for investors at 10,000 each year. In addition, a green card limit has been established for the different countries. If too many people from one country have applied, a waiting list is used with a “priority date” processing system, just as if more than 10,000 for the year have applied. However, there has rarely been a problem with the application limit until the last few years. Those who are applying from India, Vietnam, and China are usually the ones that face a waiting period because of the increased demand for EB-5 visas.

Processing Help

Because of the complex nature of the process, it is highly recommended that those wanting an investment-based green card hire an immigration lawyer. These individuals are the ones that can afford the assistance, but the expensive nature of the visa makes it worth paying for the advice of a professional. For those that apply on their own and fail, it sabotages future chances of success and wastes a lot of money.

Immigration opportunities attract foreigners from around the globe to the United States. Fortunately, there are systems in place to ensure that things are done smoothly and credibly.

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