What Kind of Remote Access Software Option You Have


Remote access software offers many benefits to companies of any size and industry, including remote management of their IT equipment, time and cost savings, the ability to provide remote technical assistance, and increased work productivity by facilitating the mobility and teleworking.

The perfect Solutions for You

These solutions allow professionals with high geographic mobility to access and control a computer equipment connected to the Internet from anywhere in the world as if they were in their usual place of work. They also allow you to organize mini-meetings, securely manage and monitor hard-to-reach systems and servers, and even print a document from the remote computer. As SaaS (Software as a Service) type solutions , they do not need prior installation and are deployed over the Internet.

They offer access to both PCs and Mac’s and remote technical assistance to smartphones or smartphones and Blackberrys through the Internet. Visit for the best solutions.

For the IT Department

Thus, the IT department of a company can remotely control all employee computers: detect problems on individual PCs or part of a network, easily identify obsolete hardware and software, and change any settings that are necessary. In addition, it allows acting on other devices that are in that network such as routers, telephone switchboards, network printers, etc. All this brings advantages to companies whose workers and teams are geographically distributed.

Both in the case of IT departments of companies and IT support companies, having a remote access solution allows them to offer immediate technical assistance by being able to connect to remote computers connected to the Internet within seconds.

Technical assistance

Previously, the IT administrator or the support technician had to travel to the position of the user who had the incident. This led to lag and downtime for the user that affected their work. With remote access solutions, the user is assisted remotely from their workstation at the moment they give the notification, thus reducing telephone support times, saving travel and reducing costs.

Another advantage of these solutions is the increase in labor productivity by allowing mobility and teleworking of employees and self-employed professionals. In business terms, mobility is the ability of professionals to access corporate resources from anywhere. This allows you to work directly with all the content of your usual computer from any other – mail, files, etc. without having to duplicate files on USB sticks before leaving the office. The Telework also saves time traveling fuel also facilitates family reconciliation and increases worker motivation, because they have more free time.


For all these reasons, remote access solutions are very useful both for IT departments of companies, technical assistance companies and mobile professionals in general by increasing productivity, saving costs and travel times and facilitating work and family reconciliation.

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