Hiring Quality Legal Representation: Is It Necessary When Facing a Criminal Charge?


A criminal offence charge can be devastating to you and the people you love. It can rub you off of the freedom you have been enjoying. The most important thing you should do when you face this charge is to hire a criminal defence lawyer in New Westminster to give you legal advice. Your life depends on the quality of legal representation you seek. Because of this, you must know who exactly to hire. 

What are Criminal Offences in Canada

In Canada, criminal offences can be summary conviction offences or indictable offences. Summary offences are less serious than indictable offences. Summary conviction cases are heard in a provincial court. When you are charged with these offences, you may not be arrested until you are found guilty of committing the offence. Also, you don’t need to appear in court. Your attorney can do it for you, unless you are asked by the judge to appear. Meanwhile, you will be arrested when charged with indictable offences when the police have reasonable doubt to think you have committed the offence or will commit it. 

What to Expect from Your Defence Attorney?

Criminal defence attorneys represent people charged with crimes or offences in court. These crimes can vary in severity. A great attorney gets your story, studies the facts of your case, investigates it, and defends you in court. They may need to fight at trial to prove your innocence or negotiate with Crown prosecutors to have your charges dropped without a criminal record. And if you are found guilty of the offence, your attorney strives to get the best sentence for you. A good attorney is someone you can trust. 

Keep in mind that criminal defence attorneys cannot work for two opposing parties because they are bound by professional conduct and a code of ethics. A lot of laws are in place to make sure you will be properly treated in the courtroom and by your attorney. 

Choosing a Defence Attorney

When you hire a defence lawyer, ensure you choose one in the courthouse your case is pending in. While the majority of laws are the same throughout British Columbia, procedures vary by courthouses. By choosing an attorney who has experience in your city, you can be sure that they are aware of the ins and outs of your courthouse and have built personal relationships with judges and local officials. Also, ensure the lawyer has represented many defendants charged with the same offences to yours. 

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