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In general, you should make available to your consumer a catalog with all the products that your business offers. When choosing a product, the customer places it in a virtual shopping cart. When you finish choosing, he will pay for all products purchased and receive them at home.

For all of this to work correctly, you will need an online sales platform. There are many options available on the market. A web designer and a programmer can help you with the task of customizing these tools to suit everything to your company’s visual identity.

Best Opportunities:

It is interesting to use one of these tools to avoid having to reinvent the wheel. They provide all the functionality that your online store will need, including security validations and payment methods. After the purchase is made, you will need to deliver the product in some way. This is usually done by private carriers or by the national postage system, in the case of physical products. If you work with digital products, just send the download link to the customer. So far the sales are concerned, each state has a different sales tax and shipping and handling fees.

PayPal is going to charge private sellers no matter which website they use, but there are ways to avoid it. As an eBay user, you can opt for cheaper payment options like debit cards, credit cards, cheque, or direct bank transfer.  The Ebay fee calculator is essential there.

Benefits of Online Sales Compared To the Traditional Model

Working with online sales can be very advantageous for your business. Starting to sell on this type of platform generally requires a much lower initial investment. And even if you already have a physical store, online sales can make your profits soar. Understand the reason:

Low investment: does not require renting physical space for stores and hiring salespeople.

On-demand selling: more expensive or customized products can be ordered as they are sold, eliminating the risk of loss of investment.

Greater reach: When you sell online, your products are available to more customers. Your brand can reach all over Brazil, or even internationally.

More professional image for the business: the internet is already an integral part of the consumer’s life. When a business offers online sales, it looks more serious, professional and reliable to its customers.

Increase in sales: when you work with digital marketing and pair it with online sales, you sell much more. That’s because digital marketing usually guides the customer through a certain path, which ends with the purchase. This is much more efficient when the consumer does not have to travel to complete the deal.

Always available: as long as a physical store has fixed opening hours, online sales are always available. Your customer can buy anytime, any day. And the best: no extra costs for you.

How to Work With Online Sales?

As you’ve seen so far, having an online business is tempting to say the least. But don’t go on thinking it’s a piece of cake. Working with internet sales requires planning, focus and a lot of discipline.

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