Is The Coin Laundry Business For You?


Launching a coin laundromat makes a great option if you’re looking to start a steady and profitable business that you’ll run for years. Also, commercial laundry equipment like Continental Girbau is built to be reliable and operate round-the-clock. What’s more, since the coin laundry business is scalable, it means that once you’re successful with one store, you can easily replicate the coin laundry store in a second location. Eventually, you could own and operate several thriving laundry stores.

So, what factors should be taken into account when considering the coin laundry business?

Key Features in Owning a Coin Laundry Store

  1. Different kinds of Coin Laundry Businesses

The coin laundry business comes in different sizes of commercial washing machines. Normally, laundromats fall under two major categories: the unattended or self-service store and the full-service store.

  • Unattended or Self-Service Coin Laundromat Store

For someone who wants a hassle-free business that offers only one kind of laundry service, then the self-serve coin laundry store might be perfect for you. This laundry store type works perfectly in highly populated areas such as university campuses and city centers.

  • Fully-staffed/Full-service Coin Laundry Store

For people who like the idea of offering different laundry services and employing staff then the full-service laundromat is right for you.

  1. Coin Laundry Equipment

Once you have identified your space the next thing you need to look into is buying the equipment necessary to make the laundry business operational. Also, buy your equipment depending on the available space. Note that the coin washers and dryers in laundromats are different from the residential washers. Commercial washing machines are built for round-the-clock, reliable performance; it also has a higher load capacity and many more programs available.

Coin laundry equipment — like Continental Girbau Washers and Dryers — can help reduce your utility costs.

  1. A great Location

The upfront costs of your venture will be impacted by your laundromat location, as well as the kind of property you’ll be acquiring and if you intend to rent or buy.

While there are many ways to launch your coin laundry business, in most cases — whether you choose to buy a successful existing laundromat business, building a laundry business from scratch, or looking to buy and renovate an older store — your venture will require that you have an upfront investment.

  1. People Skills

People skills and sociability are aspects that are frequently overlooked yet it is a highly leverageable skill. Since all laundromats provide similar services, how your clients feel about your store influences whether they come to your store or not. That’s what makes the “extra things” so important in a laundry store.

Some important assets you can offer to make your customers’ stay more pleasant include good lighting, comfortable seating, free Wi-Fi, and big-screen TV. Above all, the most important feature is having friendly staff in the attended laundry business.

So, if you’re looking to set up a staffed laundry store, don’t neglect your people and sociability skills — this might be your secret weapon to your success.

So, Is the Coin Laundry Business Right for You?

Laundry is part of most people’s lives. And as long as there’s a demand for clean clothes, laundry businesses will keep increasing. This makes starting a laundromat business a great option for budding business owners.

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