How Can You Make Your Business Profitable Through Low-Cost Country Sourcing?


We are now living in an age, where competition is very high whatever business it is. Therefore, one business trend that has been particularly noticed is that people these days go for cheaper sourcing to make it more competitive.  

Whatever may be your type of industry or business, China has emerged as a destination source of almost all kinds of manufactured products. Chinese companies can offer their products in huge quantities at an almost throwaway price. If you ever decide to manufacture the same product in your own country then it is going to cost you very high.

Therefore, all businesses all over the world have started looking for a certain Chinese sourcing agent to source their input supply from China only. However, the language and communication issues that exist in China make it a bit challenge to do business with Chinese companies directly. 

Therefore, the most common trend that has emerged among all the countries of the world is to look for suitable Chinese sourcing agents who can help to break this barrier of language and communication difficulties with Chinese companies. 

Sourcing from China can offer any business company the following few advantages:

  • Cheaper source of various products
  • Increase their product volumes
  • Easier product diversification
  • Numerous suppliers and manufacturers to choose from
  • Offers more time to look in other areas of the business
  • Make your business profitable 

Therefore, to realize all the above benefits, it is very important to hire the best Chinese sourcing agent who can help you to break the barrier of communication to deal with various Chinese manufacturers.

Let us try to understand how a sourcing China agent can help you to make your business more profitable. Usually, these agents can speak in English and are well aware of the Chinese market and the languages.

The following are the ways they can help you.

  1. Understand your requirement

These agents will first discuss your needs and try to understand your business clearly.

  1. Get your drawings and specifications

You can then share your drawing and other technical specification of the products that you want to source from China.  

  1. Collect offers from suppliers

Based on their understanding after discussing your needs, they will try to find suppliers and collect their offers.

  1. You get a quote

Then they will submit their quote that will also include their own mark-up together with the price offered by the actual supplier.

  1. Factory audit

After you accept their quote then they will audit the sources that they have identified. 

  1. Sample

They will collect the sample of the products that you wanted to source from the Chinese market.

  1. Production

After you approve the sample collected by them, then they will order them on your behalf.

  1. Shipping

They will then ship them to your company.

There are many such Chinese-speaking agents available and there is a good amount of competition among them. Therefore, it will be very easy to get such agents at relatively lower service charges and help you to do sourcing from China conveniently. 

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