Do I need a Company Secretary?


When you set up a company after its incorporation process, you instantly require to hire a company secretary

He is a completely separate tasked person, hired for a most strategic role in a company. The position of a secretary should never be taken lightly; as it is not only about his name on your all paperwork but an important personality to be valued. There are so many crucial functions and responsibilities by him to carry out! 

For example- He arranges your company’s filings with the registration office of the company. He maintains the company register and takes meeting minutes at the company AGM. 

Takeaway points about a Company Secretary[CS]! 

  1. Consider how much you can handle as a director? 

If you have decided to take a company secretary role to yourself, then it would be normal for you to pull yourself in millions of different directions, at the same time. It would take a lot of time only to understand the severity and complexity of a professional CS’s role. Before all, you must ask yourself, Do you have the capacity to take all their work potentially? 

  1. Think about your company structure 

If the company is having a single director, Timcole – company incorporation service in Singapore will help you hiring a company secretary becomes an indispensable need. However, it is a legal requirement for the companies, to place a company secretary within the stipulated period.

Once you have been hired for this role, you will be getting a full company secretarial maintenance service. He will look after- all the submissions and filing changes, filing annual returns. He will update any change in the address, directors, shareholders, etc. 

If you decide to handover, all your company needs in the professional hands, the goal of your business will become more focussed and possible. 

  1. What financial situation are you facing? 

Outsourcing this role is important and a mandate. But you should know about the expenses that you must be facing while asking for this professional assistance. Well, no need to worry if you can not afford high packages, there are numerous service providers, who greet your CS needs at a much lower cost.

You can purchase your company secretary services from all over the globe, even without being physically present there. Nowadays, you get some unbelievable packages and extraordinary reach of course i.e. online paperwork signatures, updating, and maintenance. 

  1. Unlimited competition outside 

We all know, that advanced technologies and expert minds have enhanced the level of creativity today. Some scientific and technical minds are there, that always polish their minds in upgrading and enhancing the quality and pace of growth of businesses. 

Specialization is always better than an all-rounder aspect. Specialization has made every field more dense and peculiar. Hence, perfection comes with it and, there is no means to compromise with it of course!

Company Secretary plays a big role in any organization as, on legal documents, he is one of the company’s names representatives. They ensure that the directors and the company is running within compliance or not. They operate everything in line with the relevant legislation. You should always consider the expertise and knowledge of the person, whom you are handing over your company’s work.

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