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In most cantons, the 2020 tax return must be submitted by the end of March. Those who think they are short on time can apply for an extension or rely on the help of a professional tax advisor.

Shortly before the tax return deadline, many taxpayers end up under stress. Often and willingly, there is a tendency to postpone the compilation, at other times it even happens not to send it at all: according to a Compares survey, in 2017 more than a third of Swiss sent the declaration late. However, stress is not mandatory: here’s how to get rid of it thanks to Compares’ three prickly tips.

Extend the delivery deadline

When do I have to submit the 2020 tax return?

The exact dates for submitting tax documents vary from canton to canton. Generally, the tax return for 2020 must be signed by the end of March and sent to the tax authorities with all attachments. You don’t have time to fill out your tax return by the deadline? In this case it should apply for an extension of the deadline. The use of income tax calculator is important there.

How can I extend the delivery deadline for the 2020 tax return?

In order for the application to be accepted, the extension must be requested before the expiry of the delivery deadline. In most municipalities, an extension of the deadline can be requested online.

Taxpayers also receive, together with the tax return, a form to be filled in and returned to the Tax Division to request an extension of the delivery deadline.

Until when is the extension of the deadline granted?

Since the exact dates for filing the tax return in the event of an extension request differ from one canton to another, we invite you to contact the tax authorities of the municipality or canton in which you reside.

What happens if I don’t respect the delivery deadline for the 2020 tax return?

If you forget to request an extension of the deadline, the situation can become problematic first you receive a reminder from the tax authorities, after which, if you do not respond by sending the tax return immediately, the tax division will apply taxation to you. This means that the tax authority makes its own assessment of your income and assets. Such assessments, however, often tend to be overdone. As a result, you will find yourself having to pay more taxes than expected.

By appealing it is possible to challenge the ex officio assessment made by the tax authorities, but it is necessary to be able to prove that the tax authority is clearly wrong. And, among the documentation to be submitted, there is obviously also the tax return not sent.

Which certificates should I attach to the 2020 tax return?

Professional expenses, maintenance contributions, insurance premiums and much more: to receive deductions it is necessary to present the respective documents. For more information on this, please consult the page “Tax return: overview of the main deductions”.

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