2 Types Of Felony Charges That Get People Locked Away Law


Has someone you care about been charged with a felony? If that’s the case and they are behind bars, you may wish to get them out of jail. However, if you’re like many other people that haven’t dealt with such an issue before, you might not know what to do. 

First up, try to stay calm and keep your wits about you. It can be stressful when somebody gets arrested, but getting upset doesn’t do anybody any good. Next, if bail has been set, you can pay its price tag outright to get the individual out of the slammer. However, if the cost is too much, you can reach out to a company that deals with felony bail bonds Yadkin NC. They’ll gladly assist you through the process of getting someone out from behind bars for a reasonable fee.  There are many reasons a judge could set bail for a suspect, but here are two to give you examples. 

Willingly Destroying Property Via Arson

Most people do not intentionally start fires, but there are occasions where that happens. For example, suppose a disgruntled worker gets tired and fed up with their retail job at a store. In that case, they could light a matchbook or lighter, touch the flame to combustible materials, escape the establishment, and watch the building burn to the ground. If it is determined that the employee committed arson, felony charges could be headed their way, leaving them in need of a bail bondsman.

Robbing a Fellow Human

When an individual uses physical force or intimidation to rob someone, a felony charge could enter the picture. An example of this would be a home invader busting into a person’s house while they’re home and stealing valuables while threatening them with injury or death. When scenarios such as these come into your life, a bail agent may be able to get you or someone you love out of jail, while awaiting a trial.

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