Pros and Cons of Working For A Temp Agency


Working for a temp agency could be a highly lucrative career path if you like change and variety. But just like any other field of employment, there are pros and cons you must consider before you plunge into this exciting new field of temporary employment. For all intents and purposes, temporary employment agencies offer excellent benefits to their clients and workers; a steady income and regular work hours, along with the option of being hired for long-term projects and travel to distant places. Plus on top of these advantages, most temp agencies require no experience or specialized training in order to begin working with their staffing solutions. So the pros of working with temp agencies definitely outweigh the cons when it comes to starting up your own temp agency.

The first advantage of working with a staffing agency is the flexibility and cost-effectiveness. In today’s economy, many small businesses and individuals are having trouble finding employees in desirable positions. This may include positions that pay well and have plenty of room for growth, or even positions with benefits and perks that can attract the best talent. Hiring an independent contractor (like a plumber, electrician, or landscapers) may be the right choice for some businesses, but it would be rather difficult to keep them on as employees. By hiring through a staffing agency, the company becomes less dependent on a specific employee and instead relies on the skills of the entire workforce.

Another pro is that most staffing solutions have a long list of employers they are familiar with and happy to work with. In contrast, many potential employers may be unfamiliar with the expertise and experiences of a new staffing agency. If a business has special project needs that have not been met by local employment options, hiring a specialist can help sort out the situation. Many staffing solutions also have a large list of companies they are happy to work with, if a particular position doesn’t work out with another company. This means that they know they won’t be alone in the market when it comes to filling open positions.

One can, however, is that many temp workers don’t fully understand their rights as employees, and they don’t always get the pay and benefits they deserve. Many temporary workers find themselves treated unfairly by employers who don’t provide them with enough work or have other negative practices that violate federal and local employment law. There are also risks that an unstable or inexperienced worker will lose his or her job due to a lack of progress or low productivity.

Another pro is that temporary jobs tend to be cheaper than permanent positions. Even when workers are forced into a long-term permanent position, it usually takes more than one year to reach full salary. Many workers find that temporary jobs work out in their favor because they can go from job to job, and because many temporary workers already have a full-time position lined up. They also work from home so they don’t have to move to a new location when they are interviewing.

Some disadvantages include being under the supervision of a company or owner. If you’re an independent contractor, you may have to worry about disciplinary actions taken against you by the company if you end up using your skills for personal gain. Some owners and employers do not care for temporary workers, so this can be an important consideration when looking for an agency to work for. Some workers feel they get more benefits and services than they would get in a regular job, and these may be reasons for an agency to work for them. Temp agencies also have to compete with hundreds of other agencies trying to lure workers.

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