A Complete Guide To Must-Have Online Tools


The pandemic has imposed new rules and has altered the way individuals look at classes. It has made it imperative to rethink the processes related to the education system. Each and every student has had to go through a major shift in case of how they conducted themselves throughout the day, in class.

The online classes have been a little difficult to cope up with for certain students. Some online tools are absolutely necessary for you to attend online classes. A PDF editoris one of the most useful tools that you can have for your online studying routine.

PDF editors

PDF editors should be on your priority list in case you have to attend regular online classes. The online regime has changed the way of teaching and conducting tests.

  • Teachers end up assigning new projects and deadlines almost every week.
  • In order for you to type those and edit them, PDF editors are necessary.
  • If you are not well-acquainted with these tools or a PDF to Word converter, ask for help from a friend who does.
  • You must choose a good editor and install it on your PC. This way, you never have to worry about submitting badly arranged PDFs for your assignments.


It is a great application designed especially for teachers and students to cooperate online. Here, the teachers can create projects and assignments that can be assigned to the students. New forms, exercises, and study materials are uploaded here for the students to access.

If you are a part of a system that uses Socrative, you will get free and full access to the materials uploaded on the application. Once you are done with the assignments, you can upload them there for the teachers to check.

Microsoft Teams

Video conferencing has become one of the essential requirements for today’s teaching system. Online meetings are crucial for every student to learn. Right from school kids to college students, video conferencing has become the only way to participate in regular classes. Microsoft is an all-rounder application when it comes to video conferences and classes.

More so, it has different options for business meetings, work, personal video calls, and online classes. It is the perfect tool for any institution that wants to give its students a class-like experience online.


For graphic designing or animation students, Animoto is a one-stop solution. If you are one of them, remember that there is no other tool as effective as Animoto.

  • In case you want to present a section that you have created, this application will allow you to share it with your classmates and teachers to review.
  • This application also lets teachers create audiovisual lessons.
  • This is a great tool for school kids as well.
  • Audiovisual content will always turn out to be more effective in terms of understanding.


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