Top Uses of Corporate Promotional Products


Corporate promotional products play a crucial role in every business’ marketing game, however, not many business owners, managers and staff know how to add them to the mix. It’s okay, you’re not alone. All the different goodies can attract and retain customers, to your business and keep them wanting more. What’s more, they can also promote loyalty among your staff. Corporate promotional products are also a critical cornerstone when correctly used in your marketing plans. These cornerstones can be included in marketing plans for industries like education, finance industries, the healthcare sector, trade and professional organisations, automotive and for other professions like that of doctors, lawyers and more.

Studies have also shown that there are several ways to incorporate promotional products to boost your brand awareness and marketing campaigns. Today, we’re going to look at the top uses of corporate promotional products and how you can approach them.

Brand Recognition

Brand awareness and building it is an essential motivation for promotional products. If you’re a small business or a start-up, it is mostly a difficult job to get people to notice your products, services and brand. With good corporate promotional products, you can stay top of mind with your clients, customers, friends, families, business prospects, potential customers and passer-bys.

Product Awareness

So brand recognition can be very specific, however, you may need more product recognition. Let’s for your company sell outdoor gear, your primary goal is to get consumers to associate you with specific goods. So you want to look at products like chairs, barbecue stoves, tents, cookware, hiking poles and so much more. Using corporate products for an annual business camping with your name on them relating to camping.

Corporate Identity

Corporate identity is often confusing for many people, but all it means is understanding who you are as a brand and company and a means to project your company’s identity to the world. Going back to the outdoor company, tapping into a guarantee, sticking to it and having a proven track-record can build a true identity with audiences and consumers. Giving your customers a corporate promotional product like a new jacket every time one tears, you’ll be seen as honourable and a quality products provider on the market!

For the ultimate corporate recognition, branded products can do the job! Your corporate identity can make all the difference in how your business is perceived!

Public Relations and Goodwill

We, businesses, all need good will campaigns. It’s all about making a name for yourself, fostering business relationships and partnerships, as well as recovering a recent heaven forbid, through good will and public relations, you’re well on your way. When you’re connecting with PR companies, branding your promotional products is the best way to make will and get remembered in the long run.

Customer Retention and Appreciation

As a business you want to make sure that your customers feel loved, and with every reason you punch in that feel, it counts in your favour. For holidays, customers birthday’s or even when they’ve reached a spending limit, a thank you corporate promotional gift to say thank you can do wonders for your business.

Generate Sales and Referrals

We all want to generate sales and get as many referrals as possible. Giving corporate promotional products particularly to referral sources can make it easier for them to send people to your business. Instead of giving your name and number, they give prospects information from one of your offerings or a promotional product. This will up the chances of converting referrals into actual customers.

Employee Communications and Recognition

Many companies forget to think of their employees when drawing their marketing plan and strategies. Having a dissatisfied employee is one of the quickest ways to losing trust in your company. It’s either they’ll change companies, leaving you in a ditch, with no qualified and trained personnel and can end up taking to social media to discredit your products and services. Using corporate promotional products to show your gratitude and the trust you have in them will boost their morale, and possibly increase productivity.

At Red Energy Promotions, we deal with a variety of promotional services. Our corporate promotional products are just what you need to get on the right side of your customers, clients, business partners and your staff. Invest in your business, get in touch with us today!

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