Competitor Keywords and How You Can Steal Them


Everyone needs keywords to get around in the online business world. The more keywords you hold, especially the stronger ones, the more likely you are to get found in a search engine results page.

The only problem with building keywords is that your competitors will always be on the lookout to overtake you. The key to holding onto the most keywords is by knowing how to steal them in the first place!

Stealing keywords is not an underhanded scheme. It is a means to show that your website is better and more interesting than your competitors’. Let’s take a look at how we can accomplish this!

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Finding Out About Keyword Strength

The first thing you need to do is figure out what keywords will be easy pickings. You will generally need a tool to do this. Tools such as Ubersuggest, as an example, work wonders by providing you with competitor analysis data.

All you need to do is input the website address of your competitor and the tool will automatically check all of their keywords for you. This will include the strength that they have with such keywords. Some keywords will be incredibly strong, so it is unlikely you will be able to steal them. However, there should be at least a few that are quite weak which you may be able to get.

How Do I Actually Steal These Keywords?

The basic idea is to use the tool to check what is causing their keyword strength to be weak. Once you find the errors they have made in their keyword usage, you can then apply the correct strategies to your own website.

Once you have applied the keyword all through your website, you need only wait for some time to pass. As people keep visiting your site, your keywords will become stronger. Since you did not make the same mistakes as your competition, you will eventually overtake them.

Learn from Your Competition’s Mistakes

You can apply one of these tools to your own website as well to determine which of your keywords are weak. You can then correct the problems to further strengthen your keywords and dissuade your competitors from trying to steal them. Don’t go down without a fight! Lastly, have a look at available SEO costs per month!


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