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Every employer nowadays expects its employees to be 100% productive for the welfare of the company or business. Not only does this productivity increases the reputation of the company but also, makes the atmosphere of the company bright and encouraging. It is a total proven fact that an employer can keep a check on the activities of the employee thoroughly in the physical environment of the office by paying time to time visits to the desk of the employee. However, what happens when the employees are working from home especially during this lockdown period? Well, the answer to this question is now available for all the employers who are worried as to how they could keep a check on the internet as well as computer activities of the employees.

The Work Examiner employee monitoring software is now introduced to give a sense of relief to all the employers out there! The Work Examiner employee monitoring software is a combination of various specializations and tools for tracking the productivity and activities of the employees on their PCs. The software comes in more use for monitoring the activities and productivity of the employees who are separated in terms of location.

Why is it important to track the employees working remotely?

In many cases, employers do not pay much attention to the tracking of their employee’s activities. Or, we can say that they do not find it much important to do so. However, tracking the activities of employees is much important because: –

  • The employees then have a sense of responsibility upon themselves as they know that their productivity and activity is being kept an eye on.
  • Customers will know as to how much time was spent on their project.
  • The internal – theft of the company can be prevented.

The Work Examiner Software is a totally reliable and trusted internet monitoring software that keeps a check on the online activities of the employees majorly their social media as social media is found to be a major threat to the productivity of the employees. Moreover, it also checks how the resources of the company are being put to use.

Another feature prevalent in this software is that a list of users will be displayed on the computer of the employer and he/she will be able to know as to which of the employee is actually busy working on their PCs and which set of employees are just sitting idle. The software is also known to take screenshots of the employees’ monitor screen every five minutes to ensure high security and productivity. Besides being an Internet Monitoring Software, the Work Examiner Software is also a computer monitoring software analyzing the PC activities such as the login and log out time, user information, and so on.

So, if you want to get this secure and reliable software to increase the productivity at your workplace do nothing and just surf their website through the links provided above and click on the purchase option and carry on with filling up the details asked for.


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