The Foundation ofa Successful SEO Team


Search Engine Optimization has been one of the biggest breakthroughs for companies in recent years. It has helped establish a better online presence and has allowed more connections for companies all over the world. With the global community seemingly moving into the digital space, SEO has taken over. It has become strange for large businesses and companies not to have great online presence, whether it be on Social Media or through their company website. Digital Marketing Philippines has helped companies improve their SEO campaigns and reached more people. If your business is interested in implementing SEO, you must have a great team. Here are some tips to help you out:

  • Determine your budget– It is best to find out your overall digital marketing budget and then determine how much you will devote to SEO.
  • Establish your goals– SEO offers a lot of benefits, so it is advised to first find out what you want SEO to do for you. Your goals will get you right on track and determine what contents you will be making.
  • Build an organizational structure– Whether in-house or a third-party agency, you will decide how your SEO team works with everyone else. Structuring your team will help you manage and share the workload efficiently.
  • Fill the necessary roles– You need to fill the necessary positions in order to get your SEO team running.  These positions include SEO manager, SEO specialists, content editors, copywriters, and so much more. 
  • Acquire the must-have tools– SEO work relies on digital services so your partners should know how to utilize these tools such as Ahrefs and Google trends.

To learn more about having a successful SEO team, here is an infographic by TopSEOs, the company you can depend on when it comes to digital marketing outsourcing Philippines.

How to Build a Successful SEO Team

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