Is a Social Media Presence Important for Companies Around the World?


When you are first creating a business, you will need to come up with a good name for your business. For example, if you want to start a hotel you will need a good hotel name idea. However, once you have a name and finished your plan and your business is ready to launch, you will need to think about marketing.

Creating a strong social media presence is essential to marketing strategies. There are currently 3 billion people using social networks world wide. Each platform offers uniques insights to you’re niche audience, and offers organic ways to extend your reach.

Facebook is the largest social network, supporting approximately 1.5 billion global users per month. The country with the most users is India, followed by the US, then Indonesia. This is covers 3 out of the top 4 highest populated countries. This is only one social media platform, under the conventional idea of social media. Social media is a broad description for an online community. As you get specific to what these services offer, there is a stark difference in design.

As of 2020 3 out of the top 5 websites that receive the most traffic are social media platforms: YouTube, Facebook, Twitter.  This is a market that contains 40% of the worlds population. Having an active social account grants access to these markets, for free. Signing up and creating a profile on every major social platform is free. Advertising is a different story, you have to pay to play, but just in the sense of being able to create organic reach can be accomplished without spending a dime. It is word of mouth in a digital environment.

Before you build start to build a social presence, create a marketing strategy encompasses the benefits, and the branding. Social platforms are populated by real people, and these people expect to be talking to a real people on the other brand. This gives your brand a voice and an identity. Important factors to keep in mind when formulating a social strategy:

  • Reputation Management
  • PR
  • Enhance SEO rankings
  • Strategic Marketing
  • Creating conversion funnels
  • Increase audience range
  • Market insight

The real benefit to social media is the ability to advertise to a niche market. Rather than advertising to a wide range of people with many different wants and needs, social markets offer highly specific audiences that have tell you what they want, and what they need. This saves time and money trying to figure out where and who to advertise too.

When creating a social media account for a business is not difficult, but it will take some marketing strategy if you want to be successful. Similar to sound strategy there are stages and funnels to where and how you want to advertise. Social networks offer the most specific audience. The reason you want to build up a strong social network is because it offers insights to your audience and creates new avenues for advertising.

To build a social media awareness for your brand follow theses steps:

  • Build Awareness
  • Communicate Authority
  • Show authenticity
  • Encourage Engage meant
  • Provide support
  • Grow Affordably

Whether you are a front-facing or business to business, your reputation is valued. It is sometimes the first impression. Conveying a clear consistent message that adheres to the core values and mission of the company will give you an outline of how to create a social presence in a global marketplace.


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