Productivity Tips During the Lockdown For Regulated Sectors


Due to the work from home setup, companies remote employee desktop monitoring software were able to stay afloat even during the pandemic’s crippling effects. While it has not been a smooth transition, employees are still able to work and remain compliant, especially those working in the regulated sectors. However, productivity has definitely gone down. Cabin fever has been rampant during this lockdown. To cope with it and all other problems during lockdown, here are some tips while working during this lockdown period.

  • Use messaging apps with compliance in mind

Avoiding any violation of data retention laws is key during this time for regulated sectors. Handling messages as if you are in your normal workplace or office can help you comply with the rules set.

  • Dress appropriately for the job

Working from home can be more relaxed than the office setup leading to employees wearing just about anything they want. While this is not discouraged, it would help if employees were to dress for the job. This can boost productivity and affect one’s behavior positively.

  • Keep distractions to a minimum while working

Remote workers must find a place where they can focus on and accomplish their tasks with ease. While this may be hard for parents, it can be vital to remaining productive.

  • Stick to regulatory-compliant messaging solutions provided by the company

To avoid non-compliance, it is best if employees were to use company-provided communication means. This can also help in call monitoring and getting to capture voice calls

For more working tips during the lockdown, check out this infographic by Telemessage.

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