Different styles of promotional bags to consider


Selecting unique promotional corporate items can be quite challenging. Promotional items are merchandise branded with specific business’s or company’s logo and gifted to current customers and potential clients to promote the brand. Corporate gifts are the best way to reach a wider customer base. When your promotional items become a part of your marketing strategy, your brand has the potential of being observed by new audience that lead to business flourish further. When choosing promotional goodies, you need to consider its usability and durability, so that recipients can use the products for a long time. 

Promotional bags are one of the most common types of products gifted that’s very useful in everyday life. Here are some types of promotional bags, which are easy to order in bulk as well can be customised display the name and logo of your company.

Tote bags 

Favorite choice as reusable shopping bags, they are easy to carry. You can choose any event to gift this bag and can be easily customised, printing crucial details such as corporate and logo, event name and date. If you’re looking in limited numbers, it’s even possible to get things printed on screen, just make use of a few creative staff to iron the screen printing. You can also fill other items like brochures, pens, or key chains to mark a great impact. It can be also used as a reusable grocery bag. 

Wine totes 

Thinking outside the box? These wine totes are designed with a wide range of colors and sizes to best suit your preference as well bottle capacity.  It can be used to store crafts and arts, while can be used as a beach bag to carry your scuba-diving gear and towels.

Promotional backpacks

The trusty backpack can be given out at events or summit or annual gatherings. Considering the sufficient space to print, these backpacks make a strategic promotional tool. It can be used to carry laptops to office or can be used as tour bag. You can portray your brand name and logo in a way that’s seen by the influencers. Available in stylish, fashionable designs, it’s recommended to have backpacks in your list to allure attention of public and make people eager to wear. 

Personalised gift bags

Reusable cloth bags or paper bags or printed plastic bags, personalised gift boxes are perfect for jewellers, boutique fashion and hotel sector. Notebooks, jewellery, and other items can be filled in this customisable and charming bag.

Concept Plus has a wide selection of promotional bags that can be distributed at conventions, conferences, or trade shows and events for marketing purposes.


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