Protective cybersecurity: Engaging the security community for your business


A lot has been written about cyber threats, attacks on organizations across the world, and the new means and ways that hackers seem to be using for various vested interests. Data and studies reveal that no company is entirely immune to cyberattacks, but experts agree that businesses that have tried to be both proactive and reactive seem to have some advantage. Engaging the security community is one of the proactive steps that your business can consider. It has to be done right, but the investment ensures assured returns in the long run. Apply for cyber security course in Hyderabad to learn more

The relevance of ethical hackers

Truth be told, small businesses are constantly on the radar of hackers. A wise idea would be hire ethical hackers, who can help your company find possible security issues, bugs, and vulnerabilities, before real hackers do the same. For example, before a hacker from Russia tries a DVR hack on your company, how about finding that flaw and fixing it beforehand? Ethical hackers “hack” into IT environments and networks with permission, with the intention of finding issues, which can be exploited otherwise.

Running bug bounty programs

Some of the biggest companies in the world have been running bug bounty programs. The idea is to get the security community to work and pay them for the good job done. If hackers don’t find any flaw in your systems and networks, they don’t get paid – simple. If they do, they are paid as per the norms and initial plan of the program. Bug bounty programs are super simple on paper, but many companies do have their issues in running these programs, which is precisely why they often hire IT services. These services can run a bug bounty program, manage ethical hackers, and you pay them for their work.

Testing networks and IT environment

The third proactive step is about testing networks and IT environments. It’s important to run penetration tests on a regular basis, and keep an eye on anomalies that may be sign of malware or hacking attempts. Businesses that have been proactive with testing IT frameworks have suffered less-serious consequences of a breach. It is wise to have a schedule for scans and tests, so that regular issues can be sorted, before outsiders and cybercriminals try to find them. Hire cybersecurity experts, if need be, to seek help on network testing needs.

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