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Videos and its content have kept us entertained since the innovation of technology and videos. The digital world has taken over the internet vastly with its videos and video services. 

Making your very own vlogs have become super trendy and helpful for everyone watching in the 21st century. It might be your own experiences, hacks, cooking, travelling, or anything else, with videos, you can communicate effectively with your audience. 

It also helps one to establish a deeper and mor effective connection that helps one grow their audience and followers. Serving this cause, DTube Client is exactly what you have dreamt of! A perfect alternative to YouTube that is extremely worthwhile. 

Developed by the Lucid Dev Team, DTube Client has everything video that you are looking for. This open-source video platform is created to allow all of you users out there to use this great revolutionary crypto-based platform as a decentralized video platform.

About DTube App

The app is also simple, convenient, and user friendly. You can find all of its features quite simple, yet impressive. The app allows you to sync your DTube with your streemit account and thereby sync all of your subscriptions and feed. 

You can also use this account to freely comment, like, subscribe, and more with your very own account. The app also supports secure login so that you do not have to worry about security concerns. It will secure your password using the AndroidKeyStore that uses the amazingly secure RSA encryption and will keep all your digital assets safe and secure.

 With privacy guaranteed, surf freely watching all of the content you love. Watch all of the Hot and trending videos from around the world in one platform. The app is just 3MB and will not congest your memory at all. You can also refresh your feed with new videos and enjoy something new each time so you will never run out of things to watch. 

The app guarantees updates and new versions along the way in order to provide all its users with nothing but the very best it has to offer. You might be at home, at school, stuck in traffic, or even just chilling, no matter if you’re on the move, or at home, DTube will keep you company with its extravagant videos that are highly educational and entertaining, Choose the genre of content you want to watch and enjoy! All it takes is the effort to install the app and there onwards, you can enjoy a roller coaster ride of different videos and content to keep you company. Find educational, fun, and interesting content for your kids and keep them busy while you do your chores.

DTube client offers content for all age categories despite differences, so all you got to do is get your hands on the app and enjoy video content at the comfort of your very own fingertips! 

Install YouTube Alternative on Android TV

One of the best and open source Youtube alternative for Android TV and Fire TV devices. You can use free TV app stores like AppLinked, FileSynced or UnLinked to install this app. If you use any of those TV app stores, make sure to use popular TV code to find this app. For example, find trending AppLinked code to search this app on AppLinked stores. Click here to download AppLinked for free. Same with FileSynced app and UnLinked app.

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