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There are a lot of users who switch to Linux because they are looking for something new and different – away from the known Windows. 

But this transition for many of them is not the best, mainly because it is accompanied by some common mistakes or misunderstandings that we will try to analyse more extensively in this article. In addition to the errors, we will also mention how we can overcome them so that our transition to Linux is as smooth as possible.

Mistake No 1: Poor distribution option

An important part of the freedom provided by open software and by extension Linux are the few hundred different distributions but several of them are aimed at users of special interest and are therefore not recommended for the novice user. The wrong distribution option very quickly can turn into a nightmare and it is certain that beginner will do it with slight jumps sooner or later.

If the transition is done with the help of a friend who already uses Linux it is good to know the needs of the user and not propose something based on his own experiences because many times we will go for wool and go out Yul Briner. A good list of the most famous distributions we will find in distrowatch which in combination with the use of one of them on Live DVD or USB we will be able to see if it makes us and whether our peripherals work out of the box.

Mistake No 2: We expect everything to be as it was in Windows

One of the greatest misunderstandings ever made at the expense of free software. Many Windows users do not understand that with a new operating system come new programs and therefore some things are done differently. No Linux will not run the .exe executable files unless we use WINE or some virtual machine with windows.

We won’t run MS-Office or Photoshop, but we can use LibreOffice and Gimp respectively. The above have almost the same functions as the corresponding commercial with unique differences other names or placement of menus.

In addition, the new user may be nervous about the idea that they can choose many different graphical environments — at least 7.

If you agree with the above terms please share this article and let people understand that Linux was not intended to look like Windows but to offer a free and scalable option to the masses. Also, if you are looking for cheap and reliable VPS servers, check Trust us, you will not be disappointed.

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