5 Reasons Why Newton is Your Key to Sales Promotions


Despite the prevalence of eCommerce platforms and online shopping that is undeniably thriving over the last couple of years, many people still prefer shopping in brick and mortar establishments. 

Along with the continually changing market environment, this occurrence gave rise to the heightened need to value operations and employ an efficient system of catering to customers’ needs and wants by having a more reliable and faster retailing system. 

Profitability in today’s modern businesses, particularly the retail environment, depends on efficient buying and effective merchandising of products to enhance the shopper experience. Hence, companies strive to implement a sales promotion, attracting new customers, and having a long-term relationship with existing ones. 

However, businesses are increasingly getting competitive when it comes to promoting their products for the sole purpose of standing out among the rest of their competitors. Traditionally, retail stores and warehouse managements still use retail shelf tags and manually generated labels for products. 

However, the innovative bluetooth electronic shelf label can be an excellent replacement for unreliable paper price tags to promote more efficient business operations. Wireless connectivity makes it more manageable to install in items, assets, bins, and racks found in warehouses and retail businesses.

Electronic shelf labels go beyond the practical use of displaying price tags. It can offer reliable product information delivery and real-time product positioning, which is especially useful with the constant price changes. 

Furthermore, it eliminates the need to change product pricing manually, a task impossible to finish efficiently.

Aside from retail operations, various businesses such as logistic centers and warehouse facilities can employ this product. It allows efficient product navigation, making it easier to locate products, mainly for huge establishments with many inventories.

The number of benefits electronic shelf labels can contribute to business operations can effectively increase productivity and efficiency, taking business operations to new levels.

SOLUM has Newton for sales promotion, which offers electronic shelf labels empowered by the all-new Newton system. 

Check out this infographic from SOLUM to learn five reasons why Newton is your key to sales promotion.

5 Reasons Why Newton is Your Key to Sales Promotions

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