What Should You Do Prior to Oil Tank Removal?


Before calling in an oil tank removal company, there are a few things that you should do. These include removing tar buildup, inspecting the tank for leaking, and checking for soil contamination.  Listed below are some tips to prepare before an oil tank removal company comes to take care of your oil tank.

Check for rust and corrosion

Check for rust and corrosion on the tank itself before an oil tank removal company near me comes. Rust and corrosion can form on the steel tanks because of environmental oxygen. Rust can form on steel tanks very quickly, depending on the thickness of the tank and the quality of steel. Rust can also result from excessive moisture or acidic soil surrounding the tank. Rust should be removed immediately.

Remove tar buildup

Depending on the size of your oil tank, you may need to have it removed before an oil tank removal company comes to take it away. This buildup can be dangerous because it can contain contaminants. Fortunately, if the oil tank is full, this buildup stays at the bottom of the tank and will not get into your heating system. But on the other hand, if you do not remove the tar buildup, it can cause damage to your heating system.

Inspect for leaking

Before you hire an oil tank removal service to take care of the job, you should inspect the tank for leaks. You may notice gummy, oily residue or spots on concrete. These are all signs of a leak. You can call the company back to fix the problem if you notice them. You should also take photos of the tank to document the situation. It will be helpful if you plan to sell your house in the future.

Check for soil contamination.

Before you hire an oil tank removal company, check for soil contamination. It can help you avoid a more costly cleanup process. In many jurisdictions, you must report leaks in oil tanks. To do this, you should call a certified laboratory to conduct a soil analysis. The company will then take the samples to an approved waste disposal facility for analysis. If you have a large amount of contamination, you should consider hiring a contractor who will do the work for you.

Make sure the tank has metal tags or labels

Before hiring an oil tank removal company to come and remove your tank, make sure you are aware of any signs of contamination. You should check for soil contamination, the sheen on groundwater, or oil smell. You can also ask a contractor to conduct an environmental assessment to check for contaminants. It will prevent further expenses down the road. It is also important to contact your oil company to determine if you should have the tank removed.

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