When Does A Marriage Become Toxic


A time comes in a few love stories when the imperfections start shining, and the grand illusions start to shatter through. The red hot romance starts colling off, and the “happily ever after” starts playing out differently than you once imagined. A toxic marriage is not just an occasional disagreement or impulse between partners who are otherwise generally in the relationship. It is more than that. If you have left with no option except divorce, make sure you contact a knowledgeable and experienced divorce attorney.

When does a marriage become toxic

Certain signs indicate our marriage has become toxic. The signs are:

  • When you feel like your opinions and thoughts are kept on mute.

In a marriage, you are allowed and have the right to communicate your feelings, perspectives, and needs. Sometimes when you talk, their voice seems to overpower yours. Your spouse will dismiss, belittle or scoff at any attempt to indicate yourself. 

If your marriage is healthy, your spouse will listen to what you think and how you feel. They will try to make a bond to learn all the ways your genuine needs are not being met. An understanding spouse never lets go of the partner’s thoughts, opinions, and feelings.

  • You feel like you do not have any control over day-to-day decisions.

The way you dress, how you speak, and where you go–do you choose these activities based on your desires? Or do you make decisions daily with the aim of dodging a negative response from your partner?

Psychologists say that this kind of dictation is a warning sign that you have fallen under the rule of a controlling and possessive partner. If you feel like your life is a constant, stressful effort not to arouse a negative impact from your partner, that is a vital clue that your relationship has turned toxic.

  • You are depressed.

Depression can occur from many things, but if you can trace it to your marriage life, that is a clear sign of toxicity. When you are depressed, it creates other problems in your other relationships. The longer the depression stays, the more challenging it becomes to heal.

  • You are trying to set boundaries, but they are being ignored.

For example, you told your spouse that your bose has strict rules about staying away from personal texts and calls while working in the office, but they are still bombarded with calls and texts. It clearly indicates that your spouse is not respecting your boundaries, which affects your career. 

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