3 Keys To Finding an Effective Administrative Assistant


A good administrative assistant is nearly invisible, behind the scenes quietly making sure everything runs smoothly. It isn’t until your business suddenly finds itself without capable help that you may realize the importance she has. If you’re looking for someone to fill this critical position, here are three keys to finding someone who will be perfect for the job.

  1. Use a Detailed Job Description

Whether you’re hiring someone yourself or you go to a service for your administrative support Cary NC, use a detailed job description to find the perfect candidate. For example, if you use QuickBooks but only ask for someone “familiar with accounting software” you leave yourself open for applicants who might not know the specific software you use. Many businesses are online only so if you need an assistant who is comfortable with answering three busy phone lines, it is important to let them know. Be detailed.

  1. Assess Your Candidates

An administrative assistant will schedule your meetings, help executives with travel plans, receipts and reimbursement, and answer inquiries, among hundreds of other tasks. Design an assessment to look for skills in the areas your business thinks are most important to success. Example tests are available online for everything from typing and ten-key speed, to entering meetings in Outlook and writing business letters.

Of course, an interview is a perfect time to engage your candidate’s soft skills. Ask questions about how she would handle specific situations you know occur in your business, like last-minute meeting changes or an angry customer call.

  1. Ask For Referrals 

Your current employees have a better idea of what you need than anyone outside your company. Ask them to refer capable and trustworthy people. The candidates referred will also already know more about your company because of their relationship with your employee.

These three keys will guide you to a reliable team member who will let your executives focus on the big picture.

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