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It takes a unique kind of person to choose a career in public service. Those who embark on this path rarely do so with the intent of hurting the people they choose to serve. Most public servants go into their careers with the idea that they will help people and leave the world a better place. Their ideals are noble and goals laudable. It happens, though, that public servants get into trouble sometimes. It’s human nature to make mistakes. Therefore, public servants should err on the side of caution when it comes to protecting themselves.


Not many people would argue against the field of politics being a challenging one. No matter how small a pool of people a politician represents, there will always be at least one constituent who’s not happy with the way the politician does his or her job. Many people don’t trust any politician due to the less than honorable dealings of a select few. To combat this lack of trust, some communities require their elected officials to secure public official bonds before they begin their term of office. These bonds help to assure the public that the bonded individual is trustworthy and will serve to the best of their ability.

Emergency Responders

For every emergency responder who ends up in the news because they hurt someone while on the job, there are thousands of people holding these jobs who serve the people in their communities faithfully and honorably. Part of the public’s responsibility is to enable emergency responders to do their jobs well. This means we should all yield to ambulances when we’re driving. We should encourage our municipalities to outfit our firehouses with good equipment. We should also insist that our police officers receive excellent training and access to mental health professionals to help them cope with the stresses of their jobs.

Most public servants make the people they serve a priority.

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