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An injury you receive when performing your duties at the workplace warrants some workers’ compensation, especially if said injury is severe. Be careful when filing a claim, however, as there are many roadblocks that could prevent you from getting the money you need. As you work with a workers compensation attorney Oregon, follow these tips for a successful claim.

  1. Seek Proper Help

Getting medical assistance for your injury immediately is the obvious choice. You will want to treat your fractured bones or strained muscles before they get worse and the pain increases. Beyond taking care of yourself, another reason to seek medical help quickly is to show the severity of the injury. It also shows that you are trying to heal fast and return to work soon. Do not forget to attend further appointments and check-ups, as well as take any necessary medication.

  1. Document Everything

Detailed, timely and accurate paperwork is crucial to establishing the workplace injury claim. Ensure that every step of the process is written down and properly documented, from the employer notification to any medical procedure. Double check any papers both filled by both you and others for accuracy and completion. Point out mistakes and make corrections whenever you can. Make sure to turn in any documents by the established deadline. An experienced attorney can assist you with this step.

  1. Communicate Clearly

Verbal communication is just as important as written. Throughout the case, you might be asked by healthcare providers, insurance agents and other individuals about the accident, the injury and everything that happened afterwards. Try to be both clear and detailed about these events, as they can decide whether you receive compensation or not. Emphasize the workplace’s role, direct injuries and potential aftermath from the incident. Consult with your attorney before speaking to the insurance company.

Workers’ compensation claims can help you recover physically and financially, but you must be careful. These strategies can help change the odds to your favor.


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