Most Important Options for the Ebay Sales Now


Did you find the products you want to sell online? Have you figured out how to create anebay sales site? Have you finally decided to open an online ebay sales site? The next step is now to generate your first ebay sales. The first online ebay sales are the most important when it comes to starting an e-Commerce business.

In this article, we’re going to give you ten tips for getting your first customers fast. This should get you off to a good start and more importantly to understand what works and what does not work for your online ebay sales business.

Your Goal: online ebay sales

The goal is to achieve those top ten ebay sales using the following ten tips. Try to understand how each of these channels works to sell online and determine which ones work best for what you have to sell.

Send an email to your pre-registered list

This list of pre-registered will be the basis of your first marketing campaign. It should include all of the prospects that you have identified, all of the people who have expressed an interest in your business or the products and services you have to sell online.Our first tip is to send an email to this list to announce the launch of your online store. To increase eBay sales this happens to be quite important.

Sell to your personal network

Your family and friends are the people who trust you the most. They are also the ones who will be the easiest to ‘convert’. Do not hesitate to confront members of your network with your online ebay sales site to see how they navigate.

Organize a competition and samples

Promotions or free samples are always a good way to engage undecided prospects. Although it should not be abused at the risk of seeing your margin drastically reduced, it is a good technique to initiate online ebay sales and increase the virality of your offer.In particular, promotions will allow you to increase traffic to your website and product pages.

Sell to your friends via social networks

Already have your first online ebay sales? Now is the time to target ‘influencers’, the most active people on social networks: Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Once ‘influencers’ have been identified, contact them personally to ask them for their opinions on your product. Offer them a discount in exchange for sharing your product page or a link to your online ebay sales site.

The linking sites and classified ads

As an e-commerce entrepreneur, you must try all distribution channels to sell online. It is sometimes possible to add the URL link of your product pages to them in order to improve their natural referencing and at the same time that of your online ebay sales site as well.


Forums are also important channels when it comes to selling online. Take part in discussions about your industry and become an “influencer”. It is a fundamental step to gain the notoriety and the confidence of your community and to take off your online ebay sales activity. A quick Google search will allow you to identify the sites on which it is interesting to add comments and answer questions from internet users who are amateurs of your subject of expertise.

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