3 Reasons Why Your HOA Needs an Attorney


If you work for or manage a homeowner’s association (HOA), you know how difficult it can be to keep all of your community members in line and ensure all rules and regulations are followed. If you are finding your innumerable tasks too hard to manage, an HOA attorney could be an asset to your productivity. Here are three reasons why your HOA needs a dedicated attorney.

Help With Drafting Documents

Even if you already have legal documents published, it is a good idea to have an attorney go over them to ensure that they read correctly and you are not missing any essential information. If you are in the process of drafting new governing documents, hire lawyers near me to make sure that you have created all of the necessary legalese and that your rules comply with state laws.

Collection of Assessments 

In a perfect world, everyone would pay their HOA fees on time and you would not need to hound anyone for their payments. However, the reality is that you likely spend lots of precious time every month simply trying to collect overdue money from homeowners. This could be easily remedied by finding a great lawyer to do the dirty work.

Overall Legal Counsel 

Every homeowner’s association should have legal counsel to help with potential issues. An HOA attorney can act as legal counsel when it comes to problems such as violation of regulations to other disputes. An attorney can weigh in with their expert opinion if the board is unsure of how to handle a legal situation. Having an attorney at the ready will significantly limit the possibility of liability.

Every HOA should have a dedicated attorney to assist with legal dealings. Hire someone to help so you can spend your time focusing on other pressing community issues. 

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