How to Foster Effective Communication With Offshore Teams


Thanks to the advancements in modern technology and the emergence of high-speed internet connections, people can now work with a team composed of members distributed in various parts of the globe. However, even with the technological innovations that people can leverage, the communication process still remains to be quite challenging. This article concentrates on how you will be able to foster effective communication with offshore teams.

Establish a communication framework

One of the primary things that you can do to foster effective communication with offshore teams is to establish a communication framework. According to the experts in the business process outsourcing Australia wide, you and your teammates should agree on an optimal format, communication channel, as well as rules from the start. You should also consider the time zones in your plan, as well as day-offs and national holidays in the area where your team member is located.

Use the right instruments

Another thing that you can do to foster effective communication with offshore teams is to use the right instruments. In this case, you should not be shy about using project management and collaboration tools, such as Trello or JIRA. In this way, you will even have the opportunity to track the progress of the tasks assigned to each of the members of your team. You can even generate reports from these tools as necessary.

Schedule regular meetings

As much as possible, you should schedule regular meetings to foster effective communication between you and your offshore team members. This will help all of you align your efforts where everyone can express their ideas and concerns, garnering helpful suggestions from the other team members. Just make sure that you align around a specific goal and always be prepared during your meetings.

Optimise the team size

Finally, you should also exert the effort to optimise the size of your team. Make sure that your team is composed of a variety of levels, with some being in the senior level and others in the junior positions. In this way, different ideas will be shared across, with both gaining knowledge and learning from the other.

The Bottomline

To foster effective communication with offshore teams, you need to be able to establish a communication framework. In parallel to this, you should also be able to leverage the right instruments and schedule regular meetings. As much as possible, optimise your team size because this will pave the way for a seamless communication process. All these are geared towards ensuring that even with an offshore team, you will be able to work with each other effectively.

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