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An expert witness banking, in common law jurisdictions like the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and the United States, is an individual whose opinion, by virtue of proper training, certification, skills, experience or qualification, is considered by the court as being in good faith capable of assisting the court in reaching a just and reasonable decision. Expert witnesses are frequently employed in civil litigation, such as in trials to determine the liability of one party or another with respect to a negligent act or failure to act, or in criminal cases, such as to opine on whether a defendant is guilty of a crime.

Examples of Their Use

There are many areas where expert witnesses are frequently used. One area is negligence, which involves issues such as medical malpractice, wrongful death, or birth defects. In these cases, the potential damage or loss could be very costly, thus bringing the need for expert testimony in the form of an expert report. Experts in this field are often called “experts” or “experts witnesses” and are expected to have expertise in the area in which they are called to testify. In addition to their role as expert witnesses, these professionals are also commonly called upon to appear before juries as legal witnesses.

A Person With Special Knowledge

An expert witness is generally someone who has special knowledge or expertise in a particular field. They are expected to present their findings in an unbiased and logical manner, without taking undue advantage or promoting a particular party. Expert witnesses must carefully analyze the facts and circumstances that surround a particular case and should do so in an objective manner.

Exact With Their Opinions

When presenting their opinions on matters within the realm of law, they are generally required to take a position on both sides of the debate. For example, when deciding whether a particular law is ambiguous or unfair, or whether a particular party’s act was unreasonable or criminal, an expert witness must opine from an objective standpoint. 

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