How To Choose The Shredder That Is Right For You


Have you been wondering how you would dispose of all your metal waste? Then, you must have come across the metal shredder while exploring your options. A metal shredder is a great choice, especially for businesses. It can help you significantly improve your business productivity by disposing of waste safely while saving you time and space. This action gives you more time to focus on your business. However, choosing a suitable shredder can be pretty tricky with many options in the market. To help you along, we’ve compiled a list of things to look out for when purchasing a shredder. These factors will ensure you choose the shredder that’s right for you.

Shredding Capacity

When choosing the shredder that’s right for you, you have to consider the capacity of the metal shredder. You have to consider if you’ll have tons of metal to shred or little. You also need to consider how often you will be shredding. If large amounts of waste need shredding daily in your company, you need a shredding machine that offers a higher capacity. Ensure that the shredder you choose can efficiently handle the amount of metal waste you would often dispose of.

Safety Features

This feature is just as important as the capacity. You don’t want anyone to get injured due to your shredder, so you should look out for the safety features. If the people using your metal shredder have no experience with the machine, you have to choose a shredder that’s easy to use. However, some shredders are complex and require professionals to operate them. Also, look out for safety features like auto-shutdown and protective screens to shield your face from the chipped pieces.

Shredding Method

When buying the shredder that’s right for you, it would also help consider how you want your metal to be shredded. Most metal shredders are designed to cut the metals in four ways; cross-cut, grind, particle-cut, and strip-cut. A metal grinder turns the metal into dust, while a strip-cut shredder will shred them into strips. A particle-cut shredder uses multiple cuts to create a specific shape, while a cross-cut shredder makes two cutes in different ways. At the end of the process, the pieces will come out in the form of a diamond or square. How you prefer your metal cut plays a huge role in the metal shredder that’s right for you.

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