Easy Sell Gold Coins: Your Options


Do you have a gold coin that you want to sell? And are you looking for a party that understands business, where you receive pleasant and personal assistance and offers you a good price for your currency? Then pawn shops are the right place! If you are looking for Where to pawn gold coins  then here is the option for you.

Sell ​​Your Gold Coins?

Visit one of pawn shop near you. A valuation is without obligation and can be done without an appointment. Do you sell your coins? Then goldsmiths will pay you immediately in cash or per bank if desired. Large cash amounts only possible in consultation. You can go for the gold loan options as well.

Expert Valuation

Gold Exchange has more than 30 years of experience in gold coins. Experts know value and buy gold coins from all over the world. At the bottom of the page you will find a clear explanation of all types of coins that are struck in gold.

Can my gold coin be worth more than just gold? Yes, that’s possible. Coins may have a collector’s value higher than the gold value. This can vary from ten euros to thousands of euros. This added value is strongly dependent on years and quality. It is important that we actually have to see your coins in order to be able to value them.

Personal Approach

They receive you in a discreet space. They value your coins in front of you. You will then have every opportunity to ask your questions. Valuation of your coins is without obligation. So you can think about it for a while. Gold Exchange is the expert specialist when buying your gold coins! Therefore visit one of the offices. They are happy to help you sell your gold coins there.

Do you temporarily need some extra money?

Have your gold jewelry or coins pawned at the Gold Exchange Office. Necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings, old or new coins: it doesn’t matter what you offer. The appraiser discreetly determines, in your presence, the value of your assets.

How does gold pledge work?

In exchange for a cash loan, you leave your valuables with us as collateral. The amount you receive is based on the appraised value of your assets. You will receive a pledge certificate stating all agreements regarding the pledge. If you want to collect your belongings again, you must bring this pledge certificate with you. You must also bring your ID or driver’s license with you when taking out a pledge. You do not need to provide us with an income statement for the pledge. You are safeguarded from a listing and you do not pay any additional administration costs or commission for services.

Advantages of Pledging

Here are some of the benefits of pledging at the Gold Exchange for you:

  • High appraisal value
  • No income statement
  • Without closing commission
  • No administration costs
  • Insured storage
  • Disclaimer of BKR listing

Goldsmiths are happy to help you in financially difficult times. Come quickly to a Gold Exchange office in your area and have your gold assets appraised without obligation.

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