How to Make Your Own Kombucha For Your Business Idea


This healthy fermented tea is a staple in most health food circles and is taking the market by storm. You can now find kombucha in most grocery stores and even some convenience stores. There’s no shortage of local makers who are also national distributors, but what if you’re looking for something a little closer to home? Like from your own kitchen! You can make kombucha at home if you have the right ingredients and enough patience if you want to save some money on your delicious drink habit. It just takes a few simple steps and minimal supplies, then you could even look into bottle and labeling services to give it to family and friends.


The first step to any kombucha is making a SCOBY, symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast. This little gelatinous disc will serve as the food source for the bacteria in your kombucha, which ferments to give the tea its signature flavor. A scoby will naturally form in any kombucha you make, as it’s part of the fermentation process, but when making your first bottle you’ll need a little help. Luckily, these slimy things are easy to put together. All you need is some tea, sugar, and a raw, unfiltered kombucha from the store. You can put all of these ingredients in a glass jar, seal the opening, and in two to four weeks you’ll have your own scoby to start with!

Creating Kombucha

First, you’ll need to gather the supplies to make your kombucha. You need a large glass jar, a cheesecloth, and a rubber band to secure the cloth over the jar’s opening. Once you have the materials, you can start making the tea. First, you’ll want to boil some water and soak regular tea bags until you have strong brew. Then, remove the tea from heat and stir in your sugar. After this step, you can mix in some of the store bought kombucha to introduce the probiotics and bacteria to your brew. Once this is done, you can transfer the liquid to your glass jar and dump in the scoby. Cover the jar with the cheesecloth, put it in a safe place out of direct sunlight, and let it ferment for seven to ten days. You can check on your brew periodically to make sure it’s not spoiled.

Making kombucha at home is an easy process that can save you money at the grocery store.


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