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As per the research data by credible sources, about 5.4 billion online web searches are done daily; however, for about 1.5 billion users with disabilities across the world, this step is often impossible for them to take. Due to the above reason, governments across the globe have issued legal mandates to businesses, both private and government, to make their sites fully accessible to everyone, including people with physical disabilities. In the event of non-compliance with these laws, businesses are subject to expensive litigation expenses as they face the risks of being sued.

AccessiBe is an automated and AI-empowered web accessibility tool to help users with physical disabilities. It is simple and convenient for you to install. If you examine the Internet today, you will find there are just some websites that are completely accessible to these users. Even if you take the case of a regular search on the Internet, you will discover that just eight to ten web pages appear on the first page of web results, and most likely, none of these sites will be fully accessible for users with a physical disability. This often leads to frustration as it is an obvious reaction that can happen to anyone who cannot fully access a website.

Challenges to businesses in the past

When it comes to arresting web accessibility issues, in the past, before the advent of this unique, innovative solution, businesses have to resort to manual techniques for arresting web accessibility problems. They had to hire skilled web developers to take care of these issues. The task obviously was expensive and time-consuming. They had to spend a lot of money, and in most cases even a thousand dollars, to fix web accessibility issues. The amount they had to paydepending upon the number of web pages the site had and the nature of the work that had to be done.

This task was challenging to small business owners, as they lacked the human resources and the funds to fix web accessibility problems. Besides theabove, they also had to incur site maintenance costs, which will be very expensive for them. Financial hardships and site compliance issues were a major threat to their business and its growth.

Save costs and time

It is a cost-effective and faster tool when it comes to making site adjustments to make them compliant with web accessibility laws. This tool just needs to be installed, and it works on all web browsers. There are no maintenance requirements for a business, as the developer team of the tool maintains it with regular updates to fix errors. This means you just need to install this tool and forget about it.

AccessiBe auto-scans the website for new changes every 24 hours to make it compliant with the laws of the land and give you a statement of the same. You can focus on the core matters of the business, knowing your site is fully accessible and compliant without hassles at all!

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