Benefits of Notarizing Your Documents


Notaries witness the signing of legal documents. They witness financial transactions, such as home purchases, and end-of-life documents, such as wills, powers of attorney and living wills. Before searching for notary public services Wharton NJ, consider the benefits of working with a notary public.

Ensures Document Authenticity

Notary publics are public officials. They are appointed by state governments. Part of their job is to authenticate documents. They require photo ID and other documentation to ensure that the person signing the document is who they say they are. They also sign and stamp documents with their notary number and seal so that the courts are assured that the document is real. These professionals make sure someone isn’t signing a document under duress and that they understand what the document says and are willing to abide by its stipulations.

Fraud Deterrent

Because of the ID requirements, notaries deter fraud. They ensure that the document signer is one party of the contract or the writer of the document being signed. For example, when they deal with mortgages, they ensure that the person signing the mortgage papers is the person who is purchasing the home. In addition, if a notary notarizes a will, living will, trust or other financial document, they ensure the signor is the same as the person named in the will or other document.

Verifiable After the Fact

Notarized documents are legally defensible. Therefore, if a will is notarized and there is a dispute after the person dies, the notary may be called to testify that the will was signed by the deceased and that the deceased did not sign under duress. These documents are then upheld because the notarization proves the will of the person who drafted them. This is especially valuable when dealing with contracts and other business documents.

Notaries play an important role in making sure your wishes are upheld during and at the end of your life. If you have important documents that you want to be upheld in court, consider working with a notary.

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