How to design office space: Pro tips for corporate architecture projects


The corporate architecture has unique aspects to be considered by those who want to learn how to design an office space. Among these special considerations is the need to meet ergonomic criteria, with adequate furniture, chairs and lighting. It is necessary to consider the type of business, the departments of the company and understand what each space is for and choose the right items for each environment. The chairs you use for the dining room are not the same ones used for your living room, correct? The same must be considered in an office project. So let’s go to the tips on how to design office.

Immersion in the client’s business

No office project should start if you and your team understand what the business is, the number of employees, your growth goals and the most relevant areas. The desired corporate image must also be considered for the company’s layout to reinforce its identity. By understanding the growth projection you can create a space that will still be of the same quality in the long run. With an overview of the company, its departments, sectors and objectives you can take the next steps.

Choose the typology of layout for the office

As an architect, you have several ways of organizing your client’s office. One of the models widely used today is the open space, without fixed walls, with few partitions and a free flow of people. Modern companies with integrated teams can benefit from the end of the walls to create an environment with more exchange between teams. Some offices need privacy for their departments to work, in which case a traditional office with rooms for each area may be a necessity. If you do not want to use walls to create a divided but visually integrated environment, one option is to use dividers.

Consider ergonomics

The ergonomics is an item considered by law. Failure to follow the rules may result in a fine for the company. The main objective of ergonomics in the work environment is to guarantee the employee’s quality of life – ensuring comfort, decreasing tiredness, avoiding health problems like back pain, reducing the chance of diseases, etc. It is essential that when learning how to design an office space the architect must be aware of these issues when choosing furniture, chairs and lighting design for the office. The choice of floors that offer safety should also be on your checklist.

Choose the ideal furniture

Besides quality installation of appliances, office systems, and any other electronics, office furniture is part of the set of items that should be considered by those who want to learn how to plan office spaces. In addition to being functional, they must meet ergonomic criteria, as well as remain aligned with the rest of the decoration and the layout of the built environment. Chairs and armchairs for the board, operational area, and reception and meeting room should not be the same. Last but not least, decoration is a key factor in creating a pleasant environment for employees and customers.

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