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Do you have a living will to protect you in case of a medical emergency? Having a living will ensures you maintain your ability to make your own decisions if you become incopacitated. There are many different instances where having a living will is beneficial. Read on to learn more.

Protecting Your Religious Beliefs

Medical laws are pretty straightforward in the event of an emergency. If you are injured and unable to speak, a doctor is required to provide all life-saving measures as stated by law. However, these procedures and treatments may go against your beliefs. A living will Virginia allows you to write down your preferences for medical care should the need arise. Neither Family members nor the medical staff can overturn this, and it protects your rights to decide how you want to live.

Making Decisions Easier for Your Family

If a situation leaves you in the hospital and unable to communicate with your family, having your wishes for medical care written down means your family members don’t need to make these difficult decisions.  Many of them may not even know your desires and struggle to decide based on what they think you would have wanted. In a time filled with stress and worry, taking this off their plate is easier because making permanent and final medical decisions without consulting with you can be unbearable.

Keeping Your Family United

With the decision making process no longer your family’s responsibility, you create a sense of unity among them.  Frequently, different members may have opposite beliefs about what you would have wanted or what is the best medical treatment for you. Having this already decided means your family can avoid the devastating long-term turmoil that may erupt if not all family members agree on the correct way to proceed and instead know that they are abiding by your wishes.

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