The Perfect Setup and Tool for Ghost Hunting


Ghost hunting is a process to go on a ghost hunt. Your mission is to inspect a haunted place and interact with a spirit in order to identify its nature and protect yourself from it. The game provides you with a whole lot of equipment as well as voice recognition allowing you to interact with your allies, but also with the ghost! In order to help you during your first games or to improve yourself, we offer our complete guide on Ghost hunting with several tips to carry out your missions.

Getting Started With Ghost hunting: Our Complete Guide

Our guide to Ghost hunting is here to help you, at least we hope, to shake less during your first ghost hunting missions. Learn about the different species of ectoplasms you may encounter, how to equip, protect yourself and talk to the ghosts that will attack you, and also how to understand the Ghost hunting progression system. For that you will be needing a great many tools and equipment, starting with EMF meters to Paranormal music box, infrared night vision lights to portable pocket REM Pod, all needs to be there. In UK there are the best companies for the same. You can find out more here now.

Your role will be to enter different haunted places to find a ghost and identify the nature of the latter.

To help you in this difficult task, the game provides various items and equipment. These allow you to advance more serenely in haunted places, to communicate with the ghost, and to anticipate the movements of the latter.

In order to progress in the work, the ghost hunters must take risks, photograph the level’s ghost, and identify its nature. Each objective completed earns you experience as well as money to unlock and purchase new equipment.

The main goal of your Ghost hunting is to take over a place haunted by a ghost. Each ghost has a specific nature that influences its behavior and its dangerousness.

In order to identify the nature of the ghost you are facing, you will need to observe different paranormal events. Sometimes you will also be advised to interact with the ghost to observe its reactions. Each observed event can thus be recorded in your journal to determine the nature of the ghost.

How To Identify A Ghost

Determining the nature of a ghost is not done at random (it is possible, but strongly discouraged). In our guide and tips for Ghost hunting, discover the list of paranormal events that you can observe to determine the nature of the ghost.

Ghostly Orbs

These little orbs floating in the air are not visible to the naked eye. To observe them, you will have to find the position of the ghost, and place the camera in the room. Make sure the camera is on and in night vision (green light).

Once placed in the right room, you will be able to observe the images of the camera on the computer present in the truck.


Ghosts can leave different footprints as they move around. These can only be observed using a special flashlight with a purple halo of light.Ghost prints are not arranged at random. They are usually found on doors or near switches.

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