How to Ship Goods to Kenya


Shipping a product or parcel from one place to another is one of the most daunting tasks and stressful while doing it all by yourself. Whenever we are away from our loved ones, we tend to send them, but it hurts your pocket a lot because of the charges, but in the end, you want the parcel to be safe. If you’re certainly looking for transport companies in Kenya, you may find dozens of them. And everyone will suggest to you the best solution, but these informal shippers may fail to deliver the product safely or at the specified time. You might come across so many experiences of people that their order got delivered after one year or their order was never delivered. Many times these companies fail so badly in debt that they have to discontinue their operations.

Air/Water Transport For Freight Service:

It all depends on your choice whether to pay to send a shipment with the air transport or water and to make this easier let us compare their both differences to help you choose easily.

With Ocean or water transport shipping, you may come across two terms less than Container Load and Full Container Load. In LCL, your shipment gets shared with others, and you pay for the freight in share with others and might take more time to ship. Whereas in FCL, you get to deliver the shipment fast, and the container will be exclusive only for your good. These options are cheaper compared with Air transport. Air transport is the best option when you want to get it delivered fast.

Tips to follow while shipping your goods to Kenya:

You must know what all items can get shipped as many transport companies in Kenya do not ship items in Kenya, specifically the Electronics items. If you want to deliver these, you can directly purchase them from the websites transporting them to your location.

It is also essential for you to know your shipper precisely as a well-known company can deliver your parcel in a timely and safe manner. You can ask people in your network for a reputed shipping company they might know, or you can check their website and feedbacks given by the customers. Clear all your terms and queries before you hand over the shipment to them. And clear all the defined charges to prevent yourself from any later or hidden costs.

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